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Als Pina Bausch mich durchschaute

Die Schriftstellerin Judith Kuckart reist zur jüngsten Premiere am Tanztheater Wuppertal, wo sie einst selbst der grossen Choreografin vorgetanzt hat. Die Fahrt wird zur Reise in eine nostalgische Welt, in der die Erinnerung regiert.
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i will always reblog this. forever.

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Longboard dancing
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Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney Carson - Jazz - The Carlton Dance - Dancing With The Stars Season 19 Week 4

edit 2018-05-06: replaced youtube link (old)

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ERRE ZENITUZTEN (Xabi Solano) - Bizkargi Dantza Elkartea
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the cosmic dance – don't take life too seriously. Alan Watts with subtitles.
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Ulli Wittemann – Contact Improvisation. He's an awesome being, all 5 elements feel evolved and blossomed. His teaching is simple, precise and goes deep, in bodily as spirtual dimension. I highly recommend his classes.
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