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<3 größer als n Hoop ^^
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<3 hooping men
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wenn du tanzt
tanzen alle, die dich sehen
und die Welt, die wird sich drehen
wenn du tanzt
wenn du tanzt
wird dein Lachen dich bewegen
und du gehst dem Glück entgegen
wenn du tanzt

wenn du tanzt
ist nichts wirklich mehr gefährlich
du bist da und bist unsterblich
was am Ende schien, beginnt
wenn du tanzt
— Klaus Hoffmann
Sweat Your Prayers
To sweat is to pray, to make an offering of your innermost self. Sweat is holy water, prayer beads, pearls of liquid that release your past. Sweat is an ancient and universal form of self healing, whether done in the gym, the sauna, or the sweat lodge. I do it on the dance floor. The more you dance, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you pray. The more you pray, the closer you come to ecstasy.
— Gabrielle Roth (please check 5-rhythm-dance)
The world is created with sound. And it will probably end in silence. So until then, I say keep dancing and singing and laughing.
— Sufjan Stevens
Forget the dancer, the centrum of the ego; become the dance. This is the meditation.
— Osho
Tanzt, tanzt! Sonst sind wir verloren
— Pina Bausch
Buckingham Palace guardsman under investigation after video shows him pirouetting on duty

ITV News: A Grenadier Guard has been caught on camera busting some moves outside Buckingham Palace, but the soldier is expected to receive disciplinary action for his dancing.

Read more here

let him dance

This sounds like a forgotten Monty Python sketch

He may require the assistance of the great Earth hero, Kevin Bacon.
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Flamenco dancer, 1956 

To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.
— Osho
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Amazing resonance experiment with salt
Using a vibrating metal plate connected to tone generator, Scientist Bruss Pup performs scientific magic by seemingly controlling and manipulating grains of salt to dance in specific patterns.

(via physicsphysics)

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On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet. ~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
Dancing Quotes, Sayings about Dance, Quotations for Dancers
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Because why not? ;-) 


I don’t think this counts as dancing.  Or even skipping really.  It’s more of an exagerated waddle

So. Let me tell you about the day I took this video. It was the 1 year anniversary of my open heart surgery. It’s about a year old, and I’d say it’s pretty safe to say I’ve improved since then. In case you don’t agree, let’s take a look at some more at my exaggerated waddling.




Waddle waddle.


*rolls across the floor*


Clearly I am immobilized by my own mass.

Oh wait… that’s not it, is it? It sort of seems like the opposite. Almost as though the ability to dance is based on strength, effort and passion and not on being skinny. Strange concept I know, let’s see if you can wrap your tiny little mind around it. 

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